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My name is Gina Leeds, owner and practitioner. I have been practicing Bowen in Citrus Heights since 2012. I now have a new Bowen practice in Fair Oaks. I operate Monday through Friday, 9am-6pm.  Please feel free to email, text, or call me (I may be in a session) with any questions you might have about Bowen therapy.  

  • What is Bowen Therapy?

Bowenwork is a powerful, non-invasive, holistic healing technique developed in the 1950's by Australian Osteopath Thomas Bowen. It involves precise, gentle 'manipulations' over soft tissue structures, creating a muscular release within the muscle tendon. The impulses created from each manipulation send a neurological signal to the brain, stimulating the body to reset, recharge and heal itself. Bowenwork is safe, gentle and effective in reducing pain and discomfort for a range of conditions. 

  • How does Bowen work?

Each Bowen manipulation is performed in a specific location, with a specific amount of pressure and a precise movement. These manipulations send signals to the brain stimulating the parasympathetic nervous system-the healing mechanism of the body. Bowen manipulations initiate a rapid self-healing process that has few, if any, short term side effects and which typically provides long term relief for a wide range of conditions.  

  • How can Bowen help you?

Bowen is ideal for individuals suffering from chronic pain. It has been used on people suffering from traumatic injuries, overuse injuries, chronic stress and fatigue, arthritic pain, neck pain, back pain, knee pain, migraines, stroke and insomnia. It may be helpful in reducing physical, emotional, and mental stress, improving joint mobility and increasing blood flow to areas addressed. In addition to these benefits, many people also find Bowen deeply relaxing. Bowen can also be worthwhile for healthy individuals in maintaining optimum physical and emotional health. 

  • What is a Bowen session like?

Each Bowen session is personalized to focus on the specific symptoms you are experiencing. Sessions are done over clothing and usually last around an hour. Typically during a session there are a number of short pauses (1-2 minutes). These pauses allow the body time to respond to the stimulation that has just been initiated, before subsequent manipulations are applied. During your session you may notice some subtle changes in your body. Some Bowen clients describe painless tingling or pulsating sensations. Others don't notice anything out of the ordinary. After your session you may notice an increased range of motion, a reduction of pain, and a greater sense of relaxation.



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